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Earth and Road carries a large selection of professional quality erosion control and sediment control devices for consumer, landscaping contractor, and construction contractor needs.

Specialty Products

The following products are available for purchase and shipment anywhere in the US.  Please contact us at 608-635-7755 for availability and pricing.


Vegetated Retaining Wall / Slope Stabilization System.

The Street Bag

Low Cost Reusable Inlet Protection Bags

Natural Earth Poly-Stable Plus

Natural Soil Binding Agent

BIOSTAR™ Water Clarifier

Natural Chitosan water clarifying coagulant

Earth Anchors
Photo degradable coir log anchor

Complete Product Line

Earth and Road is your complete erosion control and geosynthetics distributor.  Below is a current summary of our complete product line.  If you are a contractor seeking quantity pricing or require an erosion control product which is not yet available for online ordering, please contact our sales department at 608-635-7755 for further information.

Erosion Control

bulletStraw Mats
bulletExcelsior Mats
bulletCoir Fiber Mats
bulletPermanent Mats
bulletTurbidity & Silt Screen Barriers
bulletCurlex Sediment Log Ditch Checks
bulletCoir Logs & Mats
bulletErosion Mat Staples
bulletNatural Polymer Water Clarifiers
bulletSilt Fence (DOT approved)
bulletPolymer Soil Stabilizer


bulletHigh Strength
bulletLandscape Fabrics
bulletCustom Sewn Fabric

Retaining Walls

bulletGeogrid Reinforcement

Hard Armor Structures

bulletGabions & Mattresses
bulletArticulated Concrete Block
bulletCellular Confinement

Geomembrane Liners

bulletBentonite Clay Liners

Construction Site Products

bulletSand Bags
bulletSafety Fence

Stormwater Compliance Products

bulletInlet Protection Devices
bulletOil Sorbent

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