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Key Benefits

The Envirolok System is a patent pending erosion control and slope stabilization system that creates vegetated walls in combination with deep-rooted native plants.  The Envirolok vegetated retaining walls by Agrecol® are strong, environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional erosion control systems. 

Use Envirolok Retaining Walls For:

bulletErosion Control
bulletShoreline Stabilization
bulletStormwater Management
bulletStream Restorations
bulletResidential lakeshore preservation and remediation
bulletLandscaping enhancements
bulletCreating naturalized buffers along tributaries

The Science of Erosion Control

Agrecol defines temporary erosion control as the ability to hold soil in place long enough to establish vegetation with an extensive root system, which then provides long-term erosion control.

bulletEnvironmentally-friendly bags; native plant roots grow into and through them
bulletSoil bags are vegetated for a long-term ecological solution

Completed Envirolok Wall

How The Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System Works:

The ecologically-advanced Envirolok System provides
long-term erosion control in three important steps:

  1. Envirolok sand/soil bags are woven into a wall unit with a unique weaving component and technique and a locking spike to create immediate soil confinement.  Weaving the wall makes it into one strong unit instead of individual components.  Patent pending.
  2. The face of the sand/soil bags are planted with Agrecol native seed, plants and sod, which develop extensive root systems, growing through the bags.  The woven wall and growing natives hold the structure in place while the native plant roots grow deeper and stronger, up to 20 feet or more.  Depending on local conditions, natives may take from six months to two years to develop the root system necessary to insure long-term erosion control success.
  3. Mature natives, with their powerful root structure going 20 or more feet into the earth, lock the wall into place, even growing into the soil below and adjacent to the wall.  This provides an ecologically sound and beautiful vegetated erosion control system with permanent structural strength.

System Benefits

bulletDeep-rooted perennial vegetation locks, renews and improves the structure year after year
bulletDoes not interfere with hydrological processes
bulletProvides habitat, safe for amphibious species
bulletRetains oxygen and moisture
bulletAbsorbs sound
bulletMoves with freeze / thaw cycles
bulletWeeping/hydraulic piping is minimal in comparison to block or stone wall erosion control systems

NOTE: Advice from an engineer is recommended when building walls more than 4’ in height, or when site conditions include unusual erosion or weak soil conditions.

NOTE: Do not burn native vegetation growing on the Envirolok system.

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