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Natural Earth Poly-Stable Plus
Natural Soil Binding Agent


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Natural Earth Poly-Stable Plus is a revolutionary new polymer erosion control product. Polymers significantly increase the soil binding capacity of highly erosive soils. This binding effect has proven very effective in reducing soil erosion.

Polymer is manufactured for direct soil surface applications as an interim site stabilization best management practice (BMP) until a vegetative cover is established. Further benefits have been realized by increased infiltration leading to less runoff leaving the construction site.

Key Benefits

bulletHighly cost effective 80% as effective as erosion mat at 10% of the cost.
bulletTremendous late season benefits when applied after seed will no longer germinate. Applied with dormant seed, mulch and tackifier, slopes stay stable over winter and until spring seed germination without the need for erosion mat.
bulletApplications where Natural Earth Poly-Stable Plus is effective:
bulletTemporary stabilizing of construction sites and stockpiles
bulletTo help dry construction sites and reduce down time
bulletSites with inadequate vegetative cover
bulletAgricultural areas
bulletSediment control planning

Natural Earth Poly-Stable Plus is shipped in dry powder form can be applied dry with a broadcast spreader or wet with a hydroseeder.  When applied dry, lime may be mixed in for a more uniform distribution of polymer or for added performance in acidic soils.  Recommended application rate is 20 lbs/acre.

General Recommendations

bulletAdding seed and mulch to Natural Earth Poly-Stable Plus applications provides additional erosion protection.
bulletMulch should be used to protect seed from wind and sun.
bulletBe careful to avoid spills as polymer can become slippery when wet.
bulletNeither enhances or inhibits seed germination (no effect on seed from polymer).

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