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BIOSTAR Water Clarifier
Natural Chitosan water clarifying coagulant

Chitosan, natures own natural water clarifier has been refined and concentrated in BIOSTAR™ natural polymer flocculent.  BIOSTAR™ is extremely effective at clarifying very fine clay sediment from water bodies.  Because it is natural it is also very non toxic to aquatic life.

Biostar may be applied in two methods, passive or active. 

Passive application

Passive application can be accomplished anytime there is natural water movement or flow into the contaminated water body.  It is also ideal as a means to treat sites where dewatering of sediment laden water is necessary.  This method of application is done with a porous fabric bag, filled with a semi solid form of BIOSTAR™.  The bag is either kept staked into a flowing waterway, or contained within a discharge hose from pumped dewatering construction sites, thereby slowly releasing it’s flocculent  and clarifying the discharge water.

Two types of bags are available.  One is a geotextile fabric which is recommended for most applications.  For those rare cases where a biodegradable bag is desired, a burlap bag is available, however it is still advisable to remove the anchoring device and rope when the BMP is no longer needed.

This method is particularly cost and labor effective.  Essentially the moving water is your applicator.  All you do is initially install the bags and replace as necessary.  Each bag has the capability to treat 150,000 gallons of contaminated water on average (very high levels of turbidity may require additional bags).

On dewatering sites this method, combined with a small settling tank or basin, will produce water clean enough to discharge into a storm sewer or waterway.  Compared with conventional methods of treating dewatering effluent using large settling basins, which often require contractors to lease or rent additional space,  this method can be done in very cramped sites with excellent results.



Active application

Active application is generally done by means of a hydro seeder being used to dilute liquid BIOSTAR™ concentrate and applying it by directly spraying onto the surface of the water body. 

This application method is more costly due to equipment and labor costs.  It is best used for sites where there is little or no water movement to help mix the BIOSTAR™ with the contaminated water, such as on detention or retention ponds during periods when there is no inflow of water. 

Note that if there is unanticipated inflow, during or immediately after treatment, it may be necessary to add BIOSTAR™ in sufficient quantity to treat the inflowing quantity of water, or add BIOSTAR™ bags in the inflow channel.

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